Subject Re: [firebird-support] CTE
Author Tim Ward
Yeah, I wanted to do this the other day (but found a different way to structure the query so never got round to posting the question here).

The Firebird book contains what I found to be incomplete and contradictory information on this point.

On 26/02/2014 10:43, checkmail wrote:



I get an error message during executing the following statement:


with mat as (

select  a.teilenr, c.vkpreis, a.matteilenr, c.bezeichnung from tmaterial a left join tteile c on a.teilenr = c.teilenr

where a.kundennr = 24823 )

update tteile set tteile.minvk = mat.vkpreis * 0.90 where teilenr = mat.teilenr


I know, I can do the following (update XX where (select…)


Why complain firebird the update..?


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Tim Ward