Subject RE: Where I put firebird.msg on PC with two client?
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> Hallo,
> I have a PC with two clients:
- fbclient21.dll (I use ZeosLib + Delphi) for version 2.1 in windows\system
- fbclient.dll for version 2.5 in windows\system

  Why do you think you can't use just v2.5 client ?

Both clients connect to the server version 2.5 and I cannot change this
unless I update the application that uses fbclient21.dll.

  What problem do you have ?

> If I put firebird.msg in Windows\system I create a conflict by different
versions of clients (2.1 + 2.5).

  Nope. But you better should not put non-system files into Windows system folder

> There is a way to put firebird.msg for 2.1 version in a directory that
> not conflict with the one for version 2.5?

  Choose any folder you like, put firebird.msg there and set environment variable
FIREBIRD_MSG pointing to this folder. You should set it before you'll load fbclient.dll.
But, again, you have no reason to do it.