Subject AW: [firebird-support] Firebird 2.5 under Windows 8 64bit
Author Dirk Schiffler

I will check what Dmitry has suggested.

Btw, the fb server is installed in the "\program files (x86)" folder and run as a service and it's a local machine, not a server, so the application is also run on this machine.


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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2014 20:40
Betreff: Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 2.5 under Windows 8 64bit

Hello Dirk,

> I have a customer where Firebird 2.5.2 (32bit) is running under
> Windows
> 8 64bit.
> The following errors are repeatedly found in the firebird.log
> BARBAR (Server) Wed Feb 19 14:22:54 2014
> Error in isc_attach_database() API call when working
> with security database
> operating system directive CreateFile failed
> Access denied
> BARBAR (Server) Wed Feb 19 14:37:42 2014
> INET/inet_error: read errno = 10054
> What causes these errors, especially the first?

Well, I don't have Windows 8 running, but it sounds a bit like a permission issue, e.g. having Firebird installed in the program files folder and running Firebird under a user with restricted privileges ...

Is Firebird running as a Windows service or as an application?

Other than that, what Dmitry has suggested.

With regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer

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