Subject Re: [firebird-support] Required information for Firebird database performance optimization
Author Hannes Streicher
Guten Tag Alexey Kovyazin,

nice Questionaire , i would suggest to add 1 more point
if it has a Raid then the size of the Stripe Set

The Stripe Set ist the amount of data a raid moves to / from the diskarray for every read/write.

a Raid 5 with 3 Disks and a Stripset of 128 KB means that each Read / Write will move 192 KB
now add a Database Page Size of 4 KB (Worst Case)
then every database page read or written will instead move 192 Kb or a 48 fold overhead

> Hi All,

> I am a bit tired of repeated topics regarding database performance, so I
> decided to publish short version of our performance questionnaire:

> I suggest to always ask people who come here with Firebird performance
> problems to answer these questions and send answers to the list, in
> order to facilitate performance problems resolution.

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