Subject RE: [firebird-support] Very very very slow FB 2.5.2 64bit performance on Windows 2008 R2
Author Marius Labuschagne

Hi All,

Hereby I notify everyone that Windows 2008R2 has NO performance issues with Firebird databases till 200Gb in size, and not so many after this size.

In all cases when you see performance degradation at Win2008R2 and everything is smooth on Linux/Win7/etc - it is not an OS fault, it's a problem with configuration (incl. version) of Firebird and OS (incl. drivers and domain controllers), or performance problems in your own code (in 80% it's long-running transactions).

Alexey Kovyazin
PS Btw, guys who started the topic already fixed the problem. I hope they will provide more details who they achieved it.

[Marius Labuschagne]

Hi Alexey,

I suppose we all have our opinions.

I do not agree with yours though, as out of the “box” installs of Firebird, no tweaked configurations for Firebird, performs well on all configurations and OS’s I have tried, except on Win 2008 R2.

The machine in question is not a domain controller, so its not that.

Performance problems with your own code, laughing at this, as the same problem will present itself on other platforms then as well, especially if the platforms compared is presenting the problem on the supposedly more superior platform.

But like you say the guys that started the topic already fixed the problem, and I don’t want to highjack the topic, just wanted to let them know that they certainly not the only people experiencing that issue. 

So here is hoping the guys will share what they did to resolve the performance issue.