Subject Re: [firebird-support] Very very very slow FB 2.5.2 64bit performance on Windows 2008 R2
Author Robert martin


We have a client using Win7 64bit who might be experiencing this problem.  I have read notes the FB 2.5.2 has a fix to resolve this issue.  Do you have any docs you could point to as to what should be done to the 'Dyname Windows Cache service'?


You can find all the details about the problem, on Dmitry Yemanov's blog:

Hi Carlos

That blog is where I got my info from it says ....

'So the only effective solution seems to disable the random access request (i.e. remove the FILE_FLAG_RANDOM_ACCESS flag) from the Windows API calls used to create/open the files. Moreover, in this case the file-system cache size limit should not be actual anymore, as Windows won't be expanding the cache out of the reasonable boundaries. The quick tests prove this solution being workable.'


'Taking this into account, as well as the experience of other databases, this solution has been committed into Firebird 2.1.5, Firebird 2.5.2 and Firebird 3.0 branches.'

This made me assume this issue wasn't the cause of our problems.  However by the sounds of it the fix might not be working.