Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: A question about "rdb$character_set_id"
Author Ian Lawrence Barwick
2014-02-11 17:54 GMT+09:00 Dmitry Yemanov <dimitr@...>:

11.02.2014 03:42, Ian Lawrence Barwick wrote:
> Is the integer value of the column "rdb$character_set_id" from the table
> "rdb$character_sets" constant between Firebird versions?
> E.g. will character set "UTF8" always be "4" (and was it 4 in pre-2.5 versions)?

Yes, these values remain constant. Purely theoretically, some different
UTF8 incarnation may be introduced with a different ID to replace the
old one (similar to what happened with UNICODE_FSS -> UTF8), but ID=4
will still work as "old UTF8".

Excellent, that makes things much easier for me. Thanks for the confirmation!


Ian Barwick