Subject Re: Fwd: MON$STATE CPU usage
Author Dmitry Yemanov
07.02.2014 16:58, Zsazsi wrote:
> I am a bit perplexed understanding the meaning of the values of
> Here is what I found in the FB 2.5 Release notes:
> Memory Usage in MON$STATEMENTS and MON$STATE
> Memory usage statistics in MON$STATEMENTS and MON$STATE represent actual
> CPU consumption.
> Tracker reference: CORE-1583
> <>)
> The tracker referenced here is not clear on how the MON$STATE represents
> CPU usage.

MON$STATE = 1 implies that the statement is executing inside the engine
at the moment, so *supposedly* it consumes CPU (although it may be
waiting for a lock, for example). In turn, MON$STATE = 0 and MON$STATE =
2 means that the statement is not being executed at the moment, so it
cannot consume CPU.

As simple as that, nothing more.