Subject Re: [firebird-support] URGENT - Help
Author William Renato Lopes
We've tried to change the connection string in different ways.
Including these:
No work.

2014-12-19 18:13 GMT-02:00 'mark@...' mark@... [firebird-support] <>:

Actually, not entirely, format would be either jdbc:firebirdsql:hostname/port:path-to-db or jdbc:firebirdsql://hostname:port/path-to-db.

Where path-to-db is either an alias or an absolute or relative path. Which on Unix might lead to a double slash with the second url format.


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Onderwerp: [firebird-support] URGENT - Help
Datum: vr, dec. 19, 2014 21:08

Good thought! Technically without the slash should work as long as the location of the database is relative to the firebird root directory iirc, and otherwise you should get a different error.


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Onderwerp: [firebird-support] URGENT - Help
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The connection string we are using is:
2014-12-15 11:29:12,357 DEBUG DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-1 IN_ADT_A04 - Using source connection URL: jdbc:firebirdsql:

Looks to me as if it should be