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Can you provide source code with this insert action / also dfm
I have Xe7 and i can test this

About FB on DC this is one hell with Exchange. And it is much bigger problem if you have older version of FB then 2.5.3 (may be 2.5.2 fix i do not remember) on Win2008 with bigger then 4GB RAM

Karol Bieniaszewski

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Temat: [firebird-support] Re: FB 2.5.3 32bit and Db size limits test
Data: wt., gru 16, 2014 12:27


no is not a problem of memory usage.

If i close the connection after 10000 "insert" , then reopen the DB and keep inserting i do not have the "memory error"


i am not sure if is a question of "buffering" on the FIREDAC libraries

i've opened a ticket to the FIREDAC support to check for it

it seems that also DBEXPRESS drivers have the same issue if you are making a continuos insert (around 10000 records)

this  is not a real application i wanted only to check "sizes"


i have also another issue


if i try to install FB64 on a W2008 server i have a big performance issue

it is a DC controller, and i know all the "story" about it

so i have insalled the DB in a separated virtual disk where is already installed also Exchange

i've tried to install both Classic, and superserver but to save a blob with a 10 mb of image in a "simple table" i need around 9 seconds, that seems "too much"