Subject Re: FB 2.5.3 32bit and Db size limits test

no is not a problem of memory usage.

If i close the connection after 10000 "insert" , then reopen the DB and keep inserting i do not have the "memory error"


i am not sure if is a question of "buffering" on the FIREDAC libraries

i've opened a ticket to the FIREDAC support to check for it

it seems that also DBEXPRESS drivers have the same issue if you are making a continuos insert (around 10000 records)

this  is not a real application i wanted only to check "sizes"


i have also another issue


if i try to install FB64 on a W2008 server i have a big performance issue

it is a DC controller, and i know all the "story" about it

so i have insalled the DB in a separated virtual disk where is already installed also Exchange

i've tried to install both Classic, and superserver but to save a blob with a 10 mb of image in a "simple table" i need around 9 seconds, that seems "too much"