Subject Re: FB 2.5.3 32bit and Db size limits test


i suppose Classic becouse i forgot now which one i took at installation

is there a way to check what version classic SS etc ?


page size is  16384

page buffers is 0

i dont see any cache specification in gstat


i had not a "full application" i just made a small "tool" with delphi Xe7 and Firedac to access the db and insert the image

as you are telling me that you were using FB 32 bit and have a 20gb i shuold suppose that i had something wrong on my application

what is strange is thatn when i installed the 64 bit engine on the sam app i didnt got the error


i had win7 64 bit on both test, first was FB32 stoped at "2gb size" then i installed the 64 and i could get more