Subject Re: Firebird database seems to influence multi user ability
Author Benny Schaich-Lebek
Thank you guys for the help!
I at least partially solved the problem by just doing what the log said: running gfix with option -online.
However, I will try your tipps regarding the index as there should be some trouble on the long run.

What I really lack to understand is that this error caused clients to be unable to connect, while local access (localhost) was possible. And the error message that occured said something about theIP adress being incorrect (my guess is that this is a message be third party software that could not handle the firebird error correctly)
marcus asked some questions on details, maybe that helps:

- by local connections you're talking about <drive letter:>\path\to\fdb?
Or, which would be a network connection, regardless of
which host the connection comes from.

At least the ini file of the software contains both, an IP and the path. So this is real local access? Since when is that available with fb? Now I get an idea why the gfix calls looked so different in some cases...

- which version of Firebird?

 2.5.3 I forgot that trouble started with an update of the software that (to my knowledge) contained an update on fb too.

- which user? SYSDBA is allowed to connect an 'offline' database. He has
to, else a database would only become a big jumbled piece of
bits'n'bytes if one pulls the trigger gfix -shut ...

another mystery to me. First of all, I was using SYSDBA for all of my actions. It worked with "masterkey"! As far as I remember this should be changed in any serious software, shouldn't it?
Another thing is that I was looking into the tables  and missed RDB$user. The table just is not there. Did that change recently?

From here it is just my pleasure in diving into fb again, as said the software works again. Oh: the vendor still struggles to make this run again... Guess I need to advice them to this group *g*

Thanks again!

2014-12-08 14:28 GMT+01:00 Benny Schaich-Lebek <bschaich@...>:

I have been an interbase guy about fifteen years ago and loved to see it go open source. I used to work with Paul Beach (Hello, if you're here,Paul)

Now I ran across a problem with firebird and tried to solve it. unfortunately half of the stuff is in the dark because the original software running here is an accounting product (BUHL/Deltra office Software/Germany if you have heard about it).

The weird thing is that the software does not connect to the server from a client if there is a specific .fdb file loaded (local access works). I now asked them to run a backup and that had a couple of messages:
 (gbak:cannot commit index MOV_CALITEMS_ORDERID
gbak: ERROR:violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint "MOV_CALITEMS_ORDERID" on table "MOV_CALENDARITEMS"
gbak: ERROR:    Foreign key reference target does not exist
gbak: ERROR:    Problematic key value is ("ORDERID" = 4127)
gbak:Database is not online due to failure to activate one or more indices.
gbak:Run gfix -online to bring database online without active indices.)

Specifically the last one makes me suspicious. How come that local access works then? I thought even local access always goes through the server?

Any hints anybody? I know this is hard to determine as we do not know much about the program itself, but it seems the guys from the software shop have trouble to understand firebird...

Benny Schaich