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Author Markov Dmitri
I can't answer on your question, but did you try use zip-install?
If I right you can stop FB, replace current files of FB by files from archive and then start FB(I do such things when test one of nightly snapshots of FB). Not .MSI but it may work for you.

04.12.2014 11:41, 'Romain BOUSSY' R.BOUSSY@... [firebird-support] пишет:

Hi !

I'm a student in IT and in my company, i have to install your software via GPO. But i've a problem... The GPO only work with .MSI and not .EXE so i want to know if it's possible for you to release a.MSI of Firebird 2.5.3 on your website or send it to me via email ?

Thanks a lot

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