Subject Re: Trouble installing FB 2.5.3 on Centos 7
Author Philippe Makowski
Le 27/11/14 20:49, ashley@... [firebird-support] a écrit :
> I'm experiencing trouble when trying to install FB 2.5.3 on Centos 7 (64)
> Complains that it conflicts with file from package filesystem-3.2-18.el7.x86_64
Use Epel repository

su -c 'rpm -Uvh'

su -c 'yum install firebird-classic'

* Firebird utilities gbak,gsec,gfix,and nbackup have a symlink in /usr/bin
In /usr/bin you have also isql-fb symlinked to Firebird isql.
We can't name it isql to avoid conflict with isql from UNIX-ODBC
In /usr/bin you have also gstat-fb symlinked to Firebird gstat.
We can't name it gstat to avoid conflict with gstat from Ganglia-gmond

* According to Fedora packaging rules, firebird service is not started
automatically. You need to start it, as root :
for SuperServer :
systemctl start firebird-superserver.service
for SuperClassic :
systemctl start firebird-superclassic.service
for Classic :
systemctl start firebird-classic.socket
If you want to have firebird started at each boot, as root :
for SuperServer :
systemctl enable firebird-superserver.service
for SuperClassic :
systemctl enable firebird-superclassic.service
for Classic :
systemctl enable firebird-classic.socket