Subject Re: [firebird-support] Stability on newer windows ...
Author Fabiano Kureck - Desenvolvimento SCI
Currently, FB 2.1 is "lo longer supported" as older OSs. Maybe your problem was corrected in a newer FB version as FB 2.5.3 (that corrects a bug of caching on 64 bit Windows by example).
IMHO, you need to switch to the lasted Firebird (2.5.3) and try again.

On 19/11/2014 13:10, Lester Caine [firebird-support] wrote:

My systems have run for many years on XP and W2k without any problems,
but now I'm being forced to upgrade systems on sites to a later version
of windows, I'm hitting problems. I'm having to live with both Windows 7
and 8.1, fortunately 8 is black listed like vista. I've had problems
with windows update and still have two machines which are 'stuck' at an
old update, but reason for message ...

One of my customers has FB2.1 running on W7 which was upgraded last year
and has a clean firebird log up until 10th November when it started to
grow hourly ...

Various errors including
gds__detach: Unsuccessful detach from database
10053, 10054 and 10061

Machine has been rebooted, databases backed up and restored, apart from
an update for IE10 which will not install everything is up to date.

ANY ideas ... bearing in mind I have to get their IT department to do
anything security wise.

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