Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Gbak Restore - SuperServer vs. SuperClassic
Beside your gbak restore issue, your counters here show some interesting throughput numbers, when taking the creation date of the database into account:

~ 170 transactions / sec
~ 9 connections / sec

We have a external connection from a WEBStore. 
Whatever they do, they connect and disconnect every second, do a start transaction and commit. 
I have a case with them, where I would like them to stop this, but so far without success.

- Any special reason that you use both -FIX* options everytime for the restore?
Left over from restoring from 1.5 to 2.1 - havn't deleted them yet :)

- Where is the restore process stuck? Probably while creating indexes?
No - both times I have seen this, its during ordinary restore and before index. 
I am still trying to find out why this is. 

- I would seriously look into running gbak for both, backup and restore through the Services Manager. Check out the -se option
Hmm - whats this?