Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Cross database update
Author Svein Erling Tysvær

>Dear Thomas,
>thank you for your answer.
I have experienced that pssing by the trigger is functioning well.
>The only thing wrong is that the loop has no effect on the data of the records.
And I hoped that someone could check the statement syntaxwise. Maybe I am doing something wrong in my logic.
>Is the use of the for select do loop correct as stated?
Maybe I have to use an update or insert statement except?


Your FOR..SELECT seems fine, what’s unknown to us (proprietary to IB Expert) is the ibeblock and the use of two separate connections (Firebird does support transactions spanning several connections as well as ON EXTERNAL, but not treating two connections as something you can mix inside a stored procedure).


I think your error is in your execute block and that you either have to explicitly pass values or declare variables as input parameters in your execute block. Take a look at

Moreover, I’d recommend trying to get some kind of error message rather than having no code in the EXCEPT block (hiding things from the user may be OK, it is normally not what you want when you have a problem puzzling you).