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This is from the list.txt file structure they gave me as Firebird database type.

Does it look like the tables you mention?


05/22/2005  12:46 PM         3,231,744 SE7_20050521172046767.DAT

05/23/2005  12:46 PM         3,358,720 SE7_20050522172046768.DAT

05/24/2005  12:46 PM         3,391,488 SE7_20050523172046769.DAT


I will review the steps listed in your email in the meantime.


May I follow up with you as I have other questions?


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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Database interface and migration options



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> I am working on a project that has a Firebird database and would like to
> know what options there are to interface with the data structure and if
> it is possible to migrate data from the .dat files.

Note that Firebird databases are usually not called ".dat" and a single
Firebird database is only a single file. If you have multiple ".dat"
files, chances are that you are either not using a Firebird database,
have a lot of databases, or these are external tables.

To connect to a Firebird database, you only need a Firebird server
install, and a query tool like Flamerobin. In the default Firebird
install (on Windows) you can login to the database using user sysdba and
password masterkey.

Other than that, you need to describe specific problems and ask specific

Mark Rotteveel