Subject Re: [firebird-support] GTT data available between transactions and connections?
Author Venus Software Operations

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If not, how efficient is create an actual table just for such records purposes, create in one app and use them in another and then delete the rows in the app?


<SL> It can be very efficient if you don’t create too many/any indexes (reminder: with FB a Primary Key is not required for tables).





Thanks Sean.  I will keep the index to minimum because it will be linear access once the temporary data is in the table.  Yes, each set of records will have it's own job id on which the records will be filtered.

The only biggest concern of mine was what I am writing few hundreds of records deleting them then creating a new set of records and deleting them so on.  So what would happen to all the garbage collected in terms of such deleted records?  Would it affect database performances in the other tables due to such a load of deleted, essentially temporary records?

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