Subject Re: Odp: [firebird-support] FB server installation a nd concurrent users limits on Windows Server

Hi Mark

thank you very much! your answer is very detailed !!!!


so :


>Based on your link below, you are confusing the specific problems of

>running on an active directory server with a problem with the windows
>>filesystem cache on 64 bit windows. An issue that has been addressed in
Firebird 2.5.2.

that problem is about Firebird , and with that newer versions from 2.5.x to 3 is solved?!

but the "solution" was made just by modifing the code of FB

or becouse it's needed a specific configuration?


>I have no idea what you mean with this sentence. I think you misread the

>sentence "DO NOT set up the postgres database server to also act as
>ACTIVE DIRECTORY or as a DOMAIN CONTROLLER." in your third link. It
>means don't run active directory on the same server as postgresql. The
>same advice applies to firebird or any other database server.




>If you have no other choice,
>then at least make sure you are running on a different *physical* disk
>then the datastore of active directory (although that is still no
>guarantee for good performance).


yes that would be my case , my small customers could not make that effort to have 2 servers

we are speaking of lan of 3/5 customers.


anyway, using a different physical you know that the performance will be the "standard ones" ?


phisical disk cold be also a "partition" from the same HDD ?