Subject Re: Odp: [firebird-support] FB server installation a nd concurrent users limits on Windows Server


i am "new" to databases and i am "going to choose" Firebird.

Supposing that i will have to interact with some MS server where are some already installed software, mail server and other softwares i were starting to ask if is there any limit about the number of concurrent Clients that could access simultaneously to the FB database.

Some peoples are suggesting me to do not install FB server on a domain controller becouse i will risk a serious perfomance issue.

Some Others are telling that is only a question of server,cache,page size ,etc

i am getting confused becouse

i've got some post of the 2012 talking about FB that solved this issue but other that tell's that also Microsoft suggest to do not install MSSQL on an acvite domain

some more tells to do not install "ON" , other to do not install "FB AS acting ALSO like a domain controller" (does FB could act in that way?)

all this becouse of a security functionality that Microsoft server apply on an DC

my main doubt is :

 when i will have only 1 server on an already working network infrastructure of a customer and  i will need to install my "small application" that will use FB in a c/s environment without having possibility to buy/install a second server , will i risk this PERFORMANCE ISSUE becouse of an incomatibility or i could solve it just "changing the configuration" of the MS server+ FB_db ?

this are some posts