Subject Re: Odp: [firebird-support] FB server installation a nd concurrent users limits on Windows Server
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 05 Nov 2014 02:49:28 -0800, "af_123xy@... [firebird-support]"
<> wrote:
> Hi do you use it also on a windows server system with an active WINDOWS

As far as I know windows disables (or disabled) several forms of disk
caching on the disk that contains the active directory/domain controller
data store. However the last time I did anything actively with domain
controller servers was in the Windows Server 2000/2003 era, so it is
possible this has changed.

This has a negative impact on the performance of a lot of other
applications including Firebird databases, so it is (was?) advisable to not
do anything else with the domain controller; or make sure the other
applications were run from a different disk, and that that disk did have
disk caching enabled.

However if you want clearer answers you should ask a clearer, better
defined question.