Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB server installation and concurrent users limits on Windows Server
Author Louis van Alphen
No you don’t have to worry about using FB. I have been using it since it was Interbase 25 years ago. And it has improved dramatically since it was open-sourced. We migrated one of my customers from IB5.6 to FB 2.5 in July this year. IB 5.6 (FB’s predecessor) was running rock solid for 25 years. The main reason we migrated was obsolescence of dev tools (Delphi 5) compatible with IB 5.6.

I have been running factory production systems on FB for the last 15 years. Our current ERP (exotic leather traceability system) system also runs on FB. It has around 400 tables but is by no means the largest FB database out there. The alternatives are Postgress/M$/Oracle of which only Postgress is free I believe.

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Subject: RE: [firebird-support] FB server installation and concurrent users limits on Windows Server


thank for the suggestion. i am very suprised of this occurrence.

i've read some post's and "Fb ticket support" about it

sound so strange

possible that noone use FB on a domain controller or maybe is not so common to have users that reach DB size more then 1 GB or when FB is installed on a domain controller

rightnow i can't imagine how much my application will need but now i am "worried" about working with FB

so i am starting to think that FB is used only for small projects and/or in "low profile network/companies"

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There is no Windows imposed limit on the number of users. Even if you run on a server. Except of course if you deploy a client app on the server and users access it using RDP. Then each user would need a CAL, but otherwise , no restrictions.

Do not run FB server on a serer that is a domain controller. There is sufficient empirical proof that this is not good…

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Subject: [firebird-support] FB server installation and concurrent users limits on Windows Server


I know that FB as software doesnt have any limit to the users that can access the engine.

I am wondering if is there any “access limit” imposed from a windows system server (like the latest 2008/2012)

that will require to buy extra licenses

I suppose that If I will install FB server on a window “client machine” for a small network group I will have no limitation about users that can connet to the machine and then to FB engine

What if I will install the engine on a Windows 2012 RX server?

I already know that the license comes with possibility to validate 5 users simultaneously accessing the server and you have to buy extra CAL

If I will not use a DOMAIN and the windows system control about users accessing FB engine would I have no limitation about the number of CLIENTS that will access the FB server engine?

Thank you for the reply


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