Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB server installation and concurrent users limits on Windows Server
Author Louis van Alphen
There is no Windows imposed limit on the number of users. Even if you run on a server. Except of course if you deploy a client app on the server and users access it using RDP. Then each user would need a CAL, but otherwise , no restrictions.

Do not run FB server on a serer that is a domain controller. There is sufficient empirical proof that this is not good…

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Sent: 30 October 2014 06:08 PM
Subject: [firebird-support] FB server installation and concurrent users limits on Windows Server


I know that FB as software doesnt have any limit to the users that can access the engine.

I am wondering if is there any “access limit” imposed from a windows system server (like the latest 2008/2012)

that will require to buy extra licenses

I suppose that If I will install FB server on a window “client machine” for a small network group I will have no limitation about users that can connet to the machine and then to FB engine

What if I will install the engine on a Windows 2012 RX server?

I already know that the license comes with possibility to validate 5 users simultaneously accessing the server and you have to buy extra CAL

If I will not use a DOMAIN and the windows system control about users accessing FB engine would I have no limitation about the number of CLIENTS that will access the FB server engine?

Thank you for the reply


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