Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Backups and the Delta File
Author Kjell Rilbe
russell@... [firebird-support] skrev:

Thanks for responding so quickly.

I'm working with a framework set up by someone else which is obviously not behaving well.

If I do a gbak I assume that takes the delta into account as well (it seems to). If I then restore from the gbak, should I delete the delta? (the database is offline for all intents and purposes when this process is done).

Yes. Gbak works as a regular readonly snapshot transaction and sees the current database state including delta.

If your intention is to toss the old database and start fresh with a new one created from a gbak backup, then yes you should delete the delta along with the old fdb file.

But I would keep both fdb and delta for a few days (or longer) as a fallback if the new database is broken somehow.


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