Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird v2.5 running Classic mode
Author Markov Dmitri
If you execute taskkill /IM fb_inet_server.exe /F then you are kill your database(broken indexes, missing data or some else things. if autosweep is on, you may completely kill your database).
If your users is not sysdba or owner of database use shutdown mode, this method rollback all transaction and fully disconnect all users.

13.10.2014 19:51, jakefeed@... [firebird-support] пишет:

What is the best way to disconnect and end all user connections to a FB v2.5 database running in Classic mode on a Windows server?

This will only occur when an update is being applied, so users will have advanced notice not to be using the database.

I've been told I can just run the taskkill /IM fb_inet_server.exe /F from the command prompt.

I'm thinking that gfix -shut single -force 10 would be more gentle to the database.

What are the advantages of one method over the other?

Thank you.

Markov Dmitri