Subject Re: Simultaneous inserts / selects
Thank you guys for your input! I appreciate it!

I have some doubts.. isn't TCP/IP a bottleneck here? I mean, I am sending for example 4 times (4 threads) more data to insert via network.

@Doychin I do have like 2-3 indexes per table but the speed in single thread was sufficient. Thanks, I hope my quest will give me some nice results:)

@Kjell Could you shed some more information about your solution? So you first insert data to external table and then you move all that data at once into the main table?

@Dmitri 300 threads? The question is how many of them are hitting the database at the same time?

I have one more generall question, do you perform your inserts one by one, I mean:


or do you generate a batch script? a text file which have in it 1000 records, or 10000 or more?

Thanks! :)