Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to install system wide fbembed.dll on Windows?
Author Reinier Olislagers
On 04/10/2014 17:37, Mark Rotteveel mark@...
[firebird-support] wrote:
> On 4-10-2014 12:05, Reinier Olislagers reinierolislagers@...
> [firebird-support] wrote:
> SysWoW64 is **not** for 64 bit dlls, but for 32 bit dlls. Believe it or
> not on a 64 bit system, the 64 bit dlls go into **System32**.
I know. I did that: 32 bit fbembed to syswow64.

> fbembed.dll is essentially a Firebird server, it has more dependencies
> than fbclient.dll. This includes the icu libraries.

Ah yes, of course, that is it! Thanks.

> You shouldn't put embedded in any system folder like Windows\System32
> (or Windows\SysWoW64 if you use 32 bit embedded). You normally put it
> either in the folder of the application using embedded, or add its
> location on the PATH (although that might sometimes cause problems
> depending on how the application resolves its dependencies).

>> Can you have a system-wide fbembed.dll? How do you install it?
> Put the entire content of the embedded zip kit in a folder on the PATH,
> and avoid folders that are under UAC-protection, because - for example -
> writing to firebird.log in protected folders (like Program Files,
> Windows, etc) requires that the program runs with elevated rights,
> otherwise they are written to the virtual store in your user profile
> which can give its own headaches.
Got it, thanks.

> Note that deleting the msvcrt80 runtime and related files from the
> embedded folder may be possible to resolve problems if the runtime is
> also installed in the system itself.
Yes, thanks.

Bedankt, Mark!