Subject Re: [firebird-support] FW and Journaling
Author Reinier Olislagers
On 30/09/2013 10:53, Kjell Rilbe wrote:
> Den 2013-09-28 16:23 skrev Carlos H. Cantu såhär:
>> What would be safer:
>> Keep FW OFF and Journaling ON
>> or
>> Keep FW ON and Journaling OFF
> I*m going to suggest something unorthodox: if you have performance
> issues, turn off both journaling and forced writes, and insteasd opt for
> a tight backup schedule and/or RAID and/or b attery backed-up disk
> controllers etc.
> For us, we have a dedicated server where they (the service provider)
> have power backups and we also have the database on a RAID 1 volume. We
> have forced writes off and do nightly backups to a remote secure backup
> volume. The likelyhood of a crash is low enough that we can accept to
> lose on day's worth of updates in the unlikely case it happens. We are
> considering some NBackup solution with somewhat tighter higher-level
> backups, but haven't gone through with it yet.

As posted before, replication could give you a copy which could be used
for queries as well.
If I may ask, why are you looking at NBackup versus a replication
solution? Ease of use/setup?

Or perhaps you intend to use nbackup to perform the backup and restore
it to a different host? AFAIR you're dealing with huge amounts of data
so I assume you don't?