Subject RE: No pidfile option in fbmgr

you can 

create the pid manually in the init script 

pidof fbmgr  | grep [0-9] > /tmp/

cat /tmp/

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Hi Support

I have to support Firebird 1.5.6 on a Gentoo X64 servers. I understand
that 1.5.6 is not supported anymore. I modify the install script to
install the Superserver version, file
FirebirdSS- .

All is well as I can start the server with

su firebird -c "/opt/firebird/bin/fbmgr -start"

and stop with

su firebird -c "/opt/firebird/bin/fbmgr -shut -user sysdba -password

I can run isql all looks fine.

But I want to develop a init start script that uses the pidfile. When
looking at the documentation and other google search I see that they all
list -pidfile <filename> as a fbmgr option

So when I do su firebird -c "/opt/firebird/bin/fbmgr -start -pidfile
/run/", I get *invalid switch syntax error in command* *line*,
also when I do this

DLBox ~ # /opt/firebird/bin/fbmgr -help

Usage: fbmgr -command [-option [parameter]]

or fbmgr<RETURN>
FBMGR> command [-option [parameter]]

shut [-now] shutdown server
show show host and user
user <user_name> set user name
password <password> set DBA password
help prints help text
quit quit prompt mode

I cannot find any information about this. If anyone could shed some
information it would appreciated.