Subject Re: [firebird-support] Two transactions can have the same TID?
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:43 p.m. 9/09/2013, W O wrote:

>Thank you very much for answering me, Helen
>Well, I had not expressed well. My program does a full backup with GBAK every day, another full backup with NBACKUP and several incremental backups, all automatically. It does restore (when needed), send the backups to a web site, receive the backups from that web site (when the user wants), validation, recalculation of statistics, recreation of indices, assign roles and privilegies and several another jobs, too. Is very useful for me and my clients because with just a program we can do all the admin jobs.
>So, going back to the theme, if I am understanding you correctly:
>1. The database has of commited transactions
>2. I do a cycle backup/restore
>3. The restored database can have another of commited transactions, doing a total of of commited transactions. Is that right?

It's meaningless. A transaction is a transient thing. Once it is committed or rolled back and garbage collection of "interesting" records is complete, it is no longer interesting to the engine nor to anything else.

Also, understand that the 2-billion limit applies to *all* transactions, not just committed ones.