Subject RE: frequent update a table, please give me some advise!

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  with query ext_meter be freezed. The database is running normally.  I can query others talbe, execute procedures, and these are very quickly.  even i can query a part recoreds of ext_meter. 


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Hi, every body!
  I have a problem. Ask everybody to help me.
  I have a table ,The table's DDL is 
  ID integer,
  LastTime timestamp,
  LastReading numeric(12,2),
  Notes varchar(50)
  TableA have about 10,000 rows,  use it to record the last time and the last value of every ID(node), every row was updated once everyday.  After 30 days, perhaps 60 or 80 days.  I can find query this Table become very slowly, just like FB dead or query was freezed.
 After 3-12 hours, the same query(select * from ext_meter ) become very quick.

Please give me some adivses.

Thanks a lot !