Subject Re: [firebird-support] Two transactions can have the same TID?
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Thank you very much for your answer Sean.

Then, I am understanding bad or a database just can have a maximum of 2.147.483.547 commited transactions?



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With recent FB version*, the engine will stop processing new transactions to prevent you from exceeding the Integer limit -- you will be required to back/restore the database.





* If you are not sure your version supports this check the most recent release notes for you version (i.e. v.2.1.x check the 2.1.5 release notes – they are inclusive for the all previous version updates).


** If this feature is NOT MENTIONED, then you need to pro-actively manage the database TID’s, otherwise you will experience database corruption!!!




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Subject: [firebird-support] Two transactions can have the same TID?


Hello everybody


The TID (Transaction Identificator) is of type INTEGER, so when the last TID is 2.147.483.647 the next TID will be 1, right?


But, what happens if there was a transaction with the number 1?


The two transactions will have the same number?