Subject Re: [firebird-support] error en firebird
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Em 5/9/2013 13:31, Roberto Quiroz Calle escreveu:
good morning
work with firebird 2.5 installed on ubuntu 12.04 server, this database is working more than two years and is about 2 weeks has presented the following problem

error database command
native error -904
Firebird ODBC Driver unable to allocate memory from operating system 0
Query [SELECT * FROM Leecontrol ('01 ')]

The stored procedure LeeControl only reads a record from the database.

The error is not frequent random

They could show me some light on this problem

In advance, thanks

Roberto Quiroz
Lima - Peru

Since it's an ODBC error, it's a client side error.

Does the machine that runs the query has memory exhausted during this error ? Could you check that ?

see you !