Subject Re: [firebird-support] help with gsec
Author Hugo Eyng
Did you already tried "gsec -h" ?

Go to the prompt command, then go to to the firebird bin folder
(usually "C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_2_5\bin" for the version 2.5)

Then type gsec -h

Hugo Eyng

Em 27/08/2013 10:27, Holcomb, Satin escreveu:
> I work for a very large organization but have never used Firebird
> before. We have an office in Portugal that uses it with T&T Accounting
> Software. The user that used the program is no longer there and no
> other users are able to use it. The users cannot provide assistance
> because they speak very little English. I cannot seem to get the gsec
> utility to run. Version is and the machine OS is Windows 7
> 32bit Enterprise. Any step by step assistance you can give me would be
> greatly appreciated. I have followed many step by step instructions
> but everything says gsec is not recognized. So if you can start from
> "go to cmd.exe and type XYZ" it would be greatly appreciated.
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Hugo Eyng

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