Subject Re: FB freeze
Author Zsolt
My bad,

FB 2.5.1 SS, we are about to update.

sorry for the confusion.

Best Regards


--- In, Zsazsi <m-zsolt@...> wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> We have FB 2.5.2 SS running on Win2003/x32 and Win2008/x64 servers. around
> 50 - 150 user connects to de databases .
> Every now and then some of our clients' FB server service freezes at the
> time we issue an ALTER DATABASE BEGIN BACKUP or start an nbackup session.
> After the freeze the FB service stops responding, and only hard stopping
> the process helps.
> I couldn't identify any problem at the database or environment level. Some
> 10057 and 10061 error can be found in the firebird log before the freeze,
> but these messages are quite common even the system and the nbackup
> sessions otherwise working well. The database sizes are around 10 - 30 GB
> and are fully backuped and restored at every weekend.
> Any idea what could happen and how can I avoid the phenomenon?
> Best Regards
> Zsolt
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