Subject RE: [firebird-support] Temporary directories
Author Leyne, Sean

> Hello.
> I am trying to increase the speed of my queries.
> Firebird 2.5
> Windows Server 2008
> 32 GB RAM
> I use 10GB of ram as a "ram disk drive".
> I wrote query that takes 2:45 minutes running _*without*_ the
> TempDirectories=R:\TEMP (ram disk drive) and the same query takes 1:13
> minutes running _*with*_ the TempDirectories=R:\TEMP (ram disk drive).

Actually, depending on how you performed your performance testing, it may be possible that the RAM disk is having a minimal impact.

If the first query had to load a lot of pages into engine and/or OS cache, it would be slower than the second.

> Another question is that using a ram disk drive increases only queries that uses

Temporarily files can also be used for large query sets.

> How to really increase the speed of my queries using RAM, a lot of RAM?

Without some details regarding the database size, the page cache settings, the PLAN for the query and the Statistics for the same, it is very difficult to provide meaningful suggestions.