Subject Re: [firebird-support] I can move Firebird database
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:05 a.m. 13/08/2013, Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:

>Multi-file Firebird database are an ancient feature to overcome certain
>size limitation of file systems. Are you really in need of having a
>multi-file database?

Agree 101%. I cannot even think of a good reason why that existing database is multi-file, given that all of the parts are on a single HDD now.

If Marco's database has reached a point where one file of a multi-file database is threatening to blow out the capacity of the C drive then it is more than time to consider installing a new HDD to accommodate current and potential growth in ONE file and physically separate from the C drive.

>If not, AFAIK gbak can merge it into one file upon restore, but memory
>might serve me wrong here ...

Memory serves you correctly, Thomas. You can also do these things:

1. Back up to multiple backup files and restore as a single file
2. Back up to single or multiple backup files and restore as multiple files that have different sizes and/or locations to the original.

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