Subject Re: Unable to complete network request to host ""
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
Thanks for all your replys.

My best guess has been/still is some networking issue, but we are unable to find the cause of thís. As of right now I have this error when I would like to restart a shutdown database on this server (a copy I made last week). I do this with DB Workbench. I can open this DB as SYSDBA but I cannot restart it.

Does Firebird have a MAX LIMIT of sim. connections?
i.e. 255?

This DB server is a virtual server. I went virtual medio june, and problems startede july 9. And has been there ever sinse.
No changes to programs where made sinse june 24 (where I went on vacation). I came back july 15.

Connections are made from 2 terminal servers.
Both virtual.

We have 5 other virtual DB Servers and some 10 Terminal servers. No problem with those.
Same Firebird, same programs etc.

So we are still open for suggestions.
Network is still being investigated, but we are not masters of the underlying network sinse its a hosting site.