Subject Re: [firebird-support] Historic tables design
Author Lester Caine
Aldo Caruso wrote:
> your approach is correct provided the fact that in your case you
> criteria to define a record as historic is only its timestamp ( be it
> limited to the current day or any other date time criteria ).
> Unfortunately that is not my case: records contain real estate data
> and they become historic when properties are sold or the bid is
> withdrawn, a manual criteria which is reflected by a boolean flag in a
> field (or by moving the record into another table)

The point is still valid. An index which combines your 'state' flag with a
timestamp provides a filter so you can look for 'all withdrawn bids between ...'
for example, and the like. I have caller, telephone, emails, correspondence and
the like for each day which can then be filtered in a similar way. Moving
records between tables is a little pointless if they form a part of a bigger
'query' such as 'all activity in March' ?

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