Subject Re: [OT] Firebird in LibreOffice!?? ;)
Author mariuz
--- In, Reinier Olislagers <reinierolislagers@...> wrote:
> Noticed this LibreOffice issue tracker item
> ... where people want to replace the existing embedded Base database
> with Firebird embedded.
> Hope it gets done - would probably be a nice boost to the Firebird name
> from a PR perspective as well as make it easier to work with
> Base+Firebird...

Sorry to dig this old thread but is done :) and we can test it from LibreOffice 4.2

Firebird has now been integrated into LibreOffice

This will give an estimate of > 25 Mil potential users if we consider 2011 numbers
And for the easy of use part:
Firebird will be the Base default database engine