Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Help, tunning database
Author Leyne, Sean

> Today, I faced same problem again, which is Firebird server became not
> responsive.
> Here are the latest settings :
> - win 7 64 bit
> - Firebirds 2.5.1 super server
> - page size 8192
> - page buffer 8192
> - no long transactions
> - temp cache limit set to 128MB
> - there are a few numbers errors in insert operations but all already rollback.

I suspect that the problem is the noted problem with Windows File Cache on 64bit Windows systems -- the OS is loading too much into file cache which is causing a huge/excessive number of cache page writes, which results in the system grinding to a halt. So, the problem is not with FB but with Windows.

Please google/yahoo this subject (it has also been mentioned in this list several times).