Subject RE: [firebird-support] Software speed issue
Author Dom Kasony
1. Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise 64bit

2. Not sure on the version all they said was 2.5.2 when they upgraded

3. FileSystemCacheSize = 70. They put this in at the very end of the
conf file with NO # signs around it. Every other line in the conf file
starts with #.


# Number of cached database pages

# This sets the number of pages from any one database that can be held

# in cache at once. If you increase this value, the engine will

# allocate more pages to the cache for every database. By default, the

# SuperServer allocates 2048 pages for each database and the classic

# allocates 75 pages per client connection per database.


# Type: integer


#DefaultDbCachePages = 2048

4. 31 users connected

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Sent: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 5:14 PM
Subject: RE: [firebird-support] Software speed issue

> We are running Firebird 2.5.2 and the software we use that utilizes
firebird is
> very slow in some areas such as compiling reports. Do to caching and
> they suggested that we increase the page size and percent of RAM that can
> be used. We did this and saw little to no increase in speed. Our database
> 120 GIG and we have 96 gig of RAM available which we are only using 5 gig
> that 96 gig. Can anyone suggest settings that can be changed/activated
> originally had all of the commands in the firebird.config file commented
> so they were not active) and what values we can try to increase the speed?
> We want their software to be much faster than it is and they have no other
> ideas. Thank you

What OS/bitness are you running?

What engine version (SuperClassic) are you running?

What are the database page cache settings?

How many active database connection are their?


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