Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: How to maximize cpu usage for Firebird?
Author Macma
>> you are using a 4 Core CPU , with Multithreading , so it has 8 Virtual
> cores
>> 16% means that you are using 1 Core to the maxmimum
>> Try running several Queries from different connections on classic server
>> then you will use more cores
>> Super Classic will Use 1 Core per Database , so that is all you get
> for your setup
> Per Connection not per database.
>> Super Classic will only benefit you if you have several Databases
> You mean SuperServer here.
> Check out my FB 2.5 architecture comparison sheet:
You say that SS can utilize more CPU when connecting to diffren
databases but
Your comparison consider FB 2.5. Is this also true for FB 2.1 SS. As I
remember setting CpuAffinityMask to more than 1 was not recommend
earlier. Are firebird made some progress between FB 2.5 SS and FB 2.1 SS
in this subject?

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