Subject Re: How to maximize cpu usage for Firebird?
Author trskopo
> How do you know that you are CPU and not I/O bound?
> SuperClassic is capable to utilize SMP environments, but simplified one
> core per database connection. If you increase the number of database
> connections with CPU bound stuff, you should see an increase of CPU
> utilization.
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> Thomas Steinmaurer
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Thanks for your reply.

I run a few queries, all almost stuck at 16% cpu's utilization, so I guess, file I/O is ok.

I have only 1 database in this machine. You said SuperClassic use 1 core per database connection.

For 1 connection I got cpu's utilization about 16%, so, if there are 8 connection to the same database, running the same task, cpu's utilization will jump to 100%?