Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: How to maximize cpu usage for Firebird?
Author Hannes Streicher
Hello trskopo,

you are using a 4 Core CPU , with Multithreading , so it has 8 Virtual cores
16% means that you are using 1 Core to the maxmimum

Try running several Queries from different connections on classic server
then you will use more cores

Super Classic will Use 1 Core per Database , so that is all you get for your setup
Super Classic will only benefit you if you have several Databases

> --- In, Alexandre Benson Smith <iblist@...> wrote:
>> Perhaps the bottleneck is not the CPU, maybe your disk subsystem can't
>> provide information as fast as the CPU can process it. I think your CPU
>> is sitting idle while waiting the disc provides the data.
>> I/O bound x CPU bound process...
>> see you !

> Thanks for your reply.

> My database is on RAM, as I know it is the most fastest I/O for Firebird.

> I was watching cpu's utilization via window's task manager, almost constantly at 16%.

> If there was a bottleneck in I/O, whenever I/O processing finished, I should saw some raising in cpu's utilization.

> I though this was no bottleneck, it just seems that FB Server couldn't utilized more power from cpu.

> Anto

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