Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: RSB$USER_PRIVILEGES vs RDB$SECURITY_CLASS
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Em 18/7/2013 00:20, Dmitry Yemanov escreveu:
> 18.07.2013 6:02, Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:
>> Can someone give some info about the role of each table ? As far as I
>> can see RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES has all the information needed and
>> RDB$SECURITY_CLASS dos not have all the information (misses GRANT
>> OPTION) but have some info for SYSDBA that I don't know the meaning...
> RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES is kinda public interface for RDB$SECURITY_CLASSES,
> the latter is mostly a lower level representation of the former.
> RDB$SECURITY_CLASSES defines ACLs actually used by the engine to
> validate permissions. It includes not only SQL permissions but also some
> special ones like "control", "protect" and "delete" that are assigned to
> the object owner. RDB$USER_PROCEDURES is used only when we need to grant
> something or show/export the grants, as it lists only grantable
> permissions and includes the grant option.
> Dmitry

Thank you Dmitry !

I think you meant RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES where you wrote

see you !