Subject Re: Help, tunning database
Author Aage Johansen
Anto wrote:
I have Superserver Firebird 2.5.1 installed on Win7 pro 64 bit on I7 2600K.
When data grows, Firebird Server starting to slow down. I shutdown
Firebird Server, starting again without changing anything and
Firebird Server became smooth again.
Any ideas, what is the problem with this? Firebird.conf mostly on its
default values except for cpuaffinity set to 15 and
DefaultDbCachePages set to 4096.

And later:
I did a small test, here are the settings :
- FB Super Classic 2.5.1 64 bit
- Win7 pro 64 bit

Not related to your main problem, but if you are using SuperServer
then "cpuaffinity set to 15" may not be an optimal setting.

Aage J.