Subject RE: [firebird-support] Making a Value Matrix - Delphi Array or Create Query
Author Leyne, Sean
> Delphi XE, FB 2.5
> I need to make an array of values from database columns (much like a
> crosstab) that can be attached to a data source. In my particular case, one
> database column holds the names of samples sent for analysis, one holds the
> names of the compounds, and a third hold the reported concentrations. My
> array would consist of the compound names along the top, names of
> samples on the left side, and results within the field of the array.
> Is it advisable to create a new FB table from a "For Loop" within Delphi and
> filling the table in the similar fashion?

Are you looking to have use the database to perform analysis on the sample results or just as a datastore for the array values?